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Those who do evil shall have good hunt you down and kick your ass into another plane of existence. Never for get.

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Bioluminescent Cat II

Ok, if you haven’t read the first post go here and read it. Then this 2nd post will make sense. Well, after a few days of waking up to the cat throwing up a hairball or coming home and finding 3 or 4 spots of hairballs, drinking to much water or catfood puke. It would be nice if the cat puke glows in the dark. This thought came after waking to the cat puking at 3 in the morning and in a half asleep to clean it up. Come to find out when i got up for work get ready, last thing to do is put my shoes on.  So when I have my right shoe on go to put the left on i see the whole shoe is in encrusted with cat puke. yes EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW , some choice words. I do say the whole shoe because in my half asleep clean up mode, I failed to see that he first aimed at the shoe. > : (   So adding to the fact that making a cat glow in the dark I would add cat puke to glow in the dark also. It would help so much when half asleep at 3am cleaning cat puke up in the dark. Now off the buy a new pair of shoes. Thx you frak’n cat.

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hey where am I?

Well I’m still kicking. I finally went back to work and have a g/f now. I hope to post some updates and rants soon 😀

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What is  a 2%er you ask? Well a 2%er is the group of few good guys when talking about dating. I have to give props to my brother for coming up with the term. I was just talking to a friend the other day and they talked about a potential guy to date knowing ( or maybe not seeing ) that  I have been interested in dating them.  So somewhere I have been promoted into the great,wonderful, awesome nice guy friend again. ( rolls eyes and sighes ) One of these days instead of being told how great, wonderful, sweet, nice guy I am. I’d like to be the guy that women say they are looking for.

Its funny when talking to my friend she said that and I thought damn am I that frakked up that I can only be a friend and not someone they say they keep looking for ? Wow what the hell is wrong with me then? But then the logic pill I took that morning kicked in and I was like well it was not my choice. So I wasnt pissed or ticked off, more just tilt my head and scratch it. Just another thing to go Hmmmmmmmm.  I guess I’m getting closer to writing that book that I will call dyslexic dating. 😉  So all you 2%ers out there WE ARE FRAK”N AWESOME!

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job hunt BS: wtf?

Howdy my friends and welcome too some new thoughts. As of right now I’m still job hunting after a year and 3 months. What a damn pain in the ass. This is a big rant so I’m going to break it up into parts.

One thing I understand is so many people are out of work. That is a no brainer. What I’ve started to see now is a few things that just plain tick ya off.

1: recycled jobs posted.

Yes I’ve seen jobs I’ve been applying too reposted after 6 or so months. I think companies are just posting  jobs for hire but not hiring anyone but make it look like there are jobs for people too make big brother happy.

2:Hiring but not advertising it or just swamped.

One job I applied too had thousand people apply for it.

3: Online Automatic applications

Does anyone look at the damn applications anymore? Really stop having the computer scan through the apps and kick someone out because they misread a question or the question is worded in a way you misread it. Then you can’t reply back to the email they send you to tell them that their web site sucks and confused the hell out of you in the first place is why you misread the question or answer the damn phone when calling to tell them the correction .

4: Goodie phys test

Why the hell do i need to take a physiological and feel good test for a frak’n retail job? How the hell does taking that test going to apply to the job I’m applying for that you stock shelves, clean the department and help people with what there are looking for. ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Plus if there was anything in the store worth stealing i would have bought it already. Sorry I don’t ponder what to steal from a damn retail store. Next why do i have to answer 75 to 80 questions? Damn! If you must have a security clearance i understand all the questions but its a damn retail job people.

5: Make your application easy to fill out.

I dont need to spend 45 mins or longer trying to figure out why i filled info out and the red !!!!!!! keeps popping up because your website sucks!

Well thats it for now I’ll post more later this week. God bless you all

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well so far the year is started of  like last year. Still unemployed which sucks ass. hardly no work back fro many of the jobs i’ve applied to. My brother well be moving back here to VA middle of Feb so that will be cool. Thats it not much else going on.

Posted by: obison | December 13, 2009

Xmas 2009

Well what to write about?  I’ll not go into a loooooooong winded rant on how things are going. Right now its month #10 still being unemployed.  I knew it was going to be bad but not this bad. I just keep filling out apps and hope something happens.  Thats it nothing new. Why I’ve not wrote anything plus I’d be bitching not complaining.  Was able to buy a laptop so i cant get the home pc fix from its hardware issues. i hate computers. Make it SIMPLE damnit!!!

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off job hunting but its hard not to think about. Also from just being laid off after 9yrs at a company its left me pissed. I mean 9yrs at a place for what? i’m back to SQ 1 know. I was able to get some remodeling done but know all that crap is on hold to have the home completely finish. i had to pay off a credit card because of the credit cards frak up. so that set back my horde of EM money while unemployed.  I really want to work for myself instead for someone. I looked into a coffee shop that is for sell but the shops #s were not good. it looked good on paper till you saw the books. I really want this damn place too. it has SO MUCH potential!!!! I really dont think i could swing begging for a loan from a bank right know with them being so hordish giving money out. Oh Thank you congress for this frakk’n mess!!!  that is a whole other rant for me.

I do find myself thinking of others how they are worst off than me right know and wonder how they or the family will make it.  I ask EVERYONE to read and look at what congress is or is not doing. They work for us not them selves or BIG business . Both my granddads didnt serve in WWII for this BS now.  America donest have to conform in being like every other country. That is what makes us stands out. That is why people come here to live. Its shameful what congress is doing to hard working families. I will most certainly vote who  represents my voice in congress out of office for someone better.  Get your butt off the couch and call them. Be nice and respectful but ask why they are not doing there job. Its sad when you ask them a simple question and  then get out of breath trying not to answer your question.

Well I’ll do what i can to post more words of useless thinking and wonderment from my brain. Oh and its Christmas by the way. As bad as things are it doesnt hurt to say Merry Christmas to everyone. No happy holiday BS lameass i may offend someone from mere thought of saying a word with Christ in it. Take that happy holiday and shove it were the sun doesnt shine. If you are offended well it sucks to be you, Merry Christmas 😀

P.S. May the founding fathers of this great country come and haunt each member of congress on Christmas eve to remind them of what they sore on the bible taking office to serve us and the country.

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President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Price should be awarded to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.

Now I’m sure I’ll get flak for this but really. What a joke. Really for not doing anything beside telling every other country I’m sorry for what the US has done in the pass, making the US debit worst, not stopping job loss in the US and bailing out businesses in stead of putting that money into the tax payer hands to get the economy going and creating  jobs.For making our children and grandchildren’s future of paying debt  down and having less freedom from big brother? Now I’m sure he was given this Honor for not being George W. Bush. guess that was peaceful enough.

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An idea

Ok  I was sitting here being lazy watching Monday night football, trolling Ebay, looking at stuff i needed for my SG-1 uniform that I’ve had to back shelf when an idea hit me for a potential business for myself. So I call my bro because i’m dumbfounded I didnt think about this before. So i call his phone and it  rings, keeps ringing, rings more and voice mail kicks in on like what seems the 20th ring. Hmm I bet someone has crashed from working. Well damnit to hell. Here i feel like a weight has been lifted off me and i cant call mom & dad and wake them up and say I GOT IT! Here as i could talk about my Idea and have my brothers input on it. Only because we are on the same level. Plus we have both been banging our heads wondering what we can do as a business together.  So there you have it. Guess I’ll find out more tomorrow. I’ll post more as it comes to light.

P.S. keep your fingers cross or break open a bottle of alcohol to the gods lol

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still not much has changed. Still looking for work even tho NO ONE is hiring. plus since i have all this time doing yard work i dont have money to spend to get stuff for the yard lol. I hope everyone is doing good and if i dont something other than laundry or mowing I’ll post it. I could blog about all the gov crap but that just ticks you off even more. So my thoughts on that is VOTE all of them out and THEY work for us. Not themselves. there my rant is done 🙂

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