Posted by: obison | September 2, 2011

Bioluminescent Cat II

Ok, if you haven’t read the first post go here and read it. Then this 2nd post will make sense. Well, after a few days of waking up to the cat throwing up a hairball or coming home and finding 3 or 4 spots of hairballs, drinking to much water or catfood puke. It would be nice if the cat puke glows in the dark. This thought came after waking to the cat puking at 3 in the morning and in a half asleep to clean it up. Come to find out when i got up for work get ready, last thing to do is put my shoes on.  So when I have my right shoe on go to put the left on i see the whole shoe is in encrusted with cat puke. yes EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW , some choice words. I do say the whole shoe because in my half asleep clean up mode, I failed to see that he first aimed at the shoe. > : (   So adding to the fact that making a cat glow in the dark I would add cat puke to glow in the dark also. It would help so much when half asleep at 3am cleaning cat puke up in the dark. Now off the buy a new pair of shoes. Thx you frak’n cat.



  1. Hey Obi.

    here is your kitteh.

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